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Blundertale: an anti-Undertale Stamp by NintendoSegaFreak Blundertale: an anti-Undertale Stamp by NintendoSegaFreak
Made one myself because I couldn't find one. Sorry, I'm just not a fan of Kickstarter ventures. The problem with crowdfunding is that you give the general public the ability to have a creative say in the work (e.g., making one of their fan characters canon within the work; looking at you, Homestuck), and let's face it: the general public's creativity usually leaves a lot to be desired. And before you say anything about me: yes, my creativity leaves a lot to be desired too; I have nothing to hide about that.

I'm expecting to get a lot of flak as this is kind of an unpopular opinion, and if it gets too rowdy here, I'll disable the comments. Respect my opinion, and I'll respect yours.

This stamp is free to use for anyone who wants to.

Undertale © Toby Fox

EDIT: Alright, because the past few weeks have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of immature and butthurt fans white knighting their precious "game of the year", the comments section for this stamp goes bye-bye. Any attempts to circumvent this block by bringing it to the rest of my page will result in me blocking you from my page entirely.
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October 9, 2015
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